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We don't always just scoff the whole bar here at HQ, though we do condone this option! I have developed ways for us to make the best of our bars, to make it more than just an indulgent treat! 

Date & Pecan - to be paired with a nice glass of wine! I am not a fan of Red, so I enjoy mine with a crisp Rosé. We have also sipped and nibbled with a dram of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, the candied pecans really compliment the Whisky, it's such a perfect match! 

Smoked Sea Salt Honeycomb - I have broken it up & melted it over pancakes for a very yummy breakfast; just add maple syrup & even fruit. We have also paired this with a Peaty Laphroaig 10 Year Scotch Whisky, (available online or in your local Tesco) the smoked sea salt brings out the salt notes in the whisky & enhances the smoky flavour.

Spice Bazaar - I have put this on a cheese board at home, the Dates, Apricots and Raisins are renowned great fruits for cheese, dark chocolate has long been paired with cheese, especially an Extra Mature or Vintage Cheddar (or vegan alternative), and the garam masala spices compliment the whole thing, bring it together in one very tasty mouthfull!

Walnut with Caramelised Hazelnuts - This bar is fabulous in it's own right! But I have broken it up and crumbled it over ice cream, (Chocolate or Vanilla would be my recommendations). It's also great as an afternoon treat with a cup of decent ground coffee! - I pair with Molten Toffee from Dusty Ape

Salted Peanut - I created this one because I love Peanuts, in all forms, roasted, salted, butter... you get the idea. I also thought, peanuts are a classic bar snack, right up there with a packet of crisps. So I paired mine with a pint! I'll let you choose your brew.

Granola Superbar - This one was created for my active side. I love walks & running, and I love Granola for breakfast - espcially on days when I plan on doing the former. I stacked this one with Rolled Oats, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Dates and Raisins... Phew! I have a nibble on these before a run or I take them out with me on adventure days with the dogs!

Rose & Pistachio - Inspired by traditional Turkish Delight and very much enjoyed alongside it. There is a café in the beautiful city of Bath that sells authentic Delights and Baklava, Bathzaar, and I had picked my favourites to bring home and pair with my R&P bar!

Peppermint - This is another one worth crumbling over ice cream, (Mint Choc Chip anyone?) or Chocolate or Vanilla!! I have also made Mint Hot Chocolate by melting half a bar into warmed milk (or milk alternative). 

If you would like to try out any of these ideas, find all bars on our website, & if you use code: CUSTOMTRIO at the checkout you'll receive 20% off any selection of 3 individually listed bars. Enjoy! 

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