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I have developed & launched two new lines in my product range, both inspired by my personal tastes & love of food! 

First up, Granola Superbar! I created this little goody for two purposes, one, because granola is one of my favourite cereals, & because it is my go to if I am planning on a run that day! Packed with energy, protein & fibre it's the perfect start to my day if I plan to excercise. I'm not a big eater before I run - so I wanted to create a snack I could have a nibble on a few hours pre-excercise to give me that little energy boost before I lace up my trainers. Two, I also wanted to create a treat / snack for those long walks or hikes. I have two dogs, & sometimes I take them out for a full day of fun filled activity, but I don't want to be weighed down with a picnic! This bar is the perfect addition to my rucksack or even my pockets when I'm out & about & need something a little bit sweet but energy boosting. I sourced pumpkin & sunflower seeds because they are full of high energy & protein, & gluten free rolled oats & chia seeds provide loads of fibre, I've thrown in dates & raisins for that hint of sweetness & something a little chewy to break up the crunch. These bars are stacked! I have double layered ensuring tasty satisfaction in each & every bite. 

Date & Pecan, is my second new addition to the product range & my new personal favourite! I caramelised the nuts in coconut sugar to create beautifully sweet pecans, perfect for the bar I wanted to create. It was so hard not to eat them all straight from the tray after they cooled! I am partial to a pecan plait & pecan pies, so I wanted to create a bar that symbolised these two sweet treats! I love dates, & they compliment pecan nuts so well that it was an easy decision to put the two together & make this luxurious treat! It's not just perfect with a glass wine, I have also scooped it in baked Camembert cheese, & it is delicious! 

Grab one of each in my shop & try them for yourself! 


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  • Hi,
    Could you send me full nutritional info on your chocolate..I’m diabetic and need to see the breakdown of acros.
    Kind regards

    Rajan Spolia on

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