Taboo was founded in 2016, by me, Kat. I developed the company after more than a decade in the food industry. Now, my partner Matt, who came on board in 2020, and I, run Taboo together. We use Single Origin Colombian Chocolate because we love the taste profile, and it blends perfectly with the inclusions we use in our recipes. We create all of our recipes ourselves, using our own taste and travel experiences as inspiration. We base many of our trips away on the cultural eats we will find at our destinations, so that we can come back brimming with new ideas!

We like authenticity! We do not use any artificial flavouring in our products, we source natural oils and extracts to flavour our chocolate, and use dried fruits and nuts as inclusions. The Rose Petals and Calendula used, are locally grown by BYoutantical

We care about the planet! In 2019, after a lot of research, all packaging became certified compostable to EU regulations. This means everything can be popped into your home compost bin and is also biodegradable. We use cardboard and paper tape for all mail orders too, ensuring that everything we send is eco-friendly. We also re-use packaging, any suitable boxes and paper packaging that come from suppliers, are put aside and re-used for our stockists around the UK.

#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle